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How Play Guitar

Guitar is a musical instrument that is very simple and really practical, if you wanna learn guitar acoustic , make sure you have a strong fingers.

Before you start playin, make sure have guitar. If not, you can buy one of this guitars :[columns] [column width=”one-third”]
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There is 3 levels how Play Guitar that we must known for several stages; The levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced level. In this time, I will only discuss  for beginners, while for intermediate and advanced stages I will discuss on another occasion.

Guitar technique for a beginner just  around about the introduction of chords and integrate that chord to a simple song. In order to sing a song we have to memorize the basic chord.

For example, the basic tone of the song is do = C then the basis of the chord to be played is a C F G, while the basic minor chord is Am-Dm-Em.


I have some tips how play guitar and i’m sure it will help you play the guitar very well.

1. Start with an easy song to play.
2. Memorize all the basic types of chords, especially chords either major or minor.
3. You must start by warming your fingers before playing the guitar.
4. Enjoy and do not be rigid.
5. You must have a song book that contains examples of the chords or maybe you must have ebook that you can found it by google.



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