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Eric Clapton – MTV Unplugged

This was 1992 when big “Journeyman” guitar solos were giving way to grunge music. Clapton traded it all in for a pre-war Martin and took the music back to 1928. Who knows how many acoustic guitars were sold because of this album. There has always been pop music but the music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Robert Johnson, Clapton, etc. will live on even without MTV viewers listening.

“Signe” (Clapton) — 0:0
“Before You Accuse Me” (McDaniel) — 3:14
“Hey Hey” (Broonzy) — 7:12
Tears in Heaven” (Clapton/Jennings) — 10:41
“Lonely Stranger” (Clapton) — 15:55
“Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” (Cox) — 21:20
“Layla” (Clapton/Gordon) — 25:10
“Running on Faith” (Williams) — 29:39
“Walkin’ Blues” (Johnson) — 36:05
“Alberta” (Traditional) — 40:00
“San Francisco Bay Blues” (Fuller) — 44:55
“Malted Milk” (Johnson) — 48:20
“Old Love” (Clapton/Cray) — 52:00
“Rollin’ and Tumblin'” (Waters) — 59:35

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