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Chris Cornell – Black Hole Sun

It’s such pleasure to see (and hear) that Chris Cornell is no uber-guitarist but the power he puts in that song makes it such an honest thing. Also he looks so fucking cool. I cannot BELIEVE the incredible cord-progression in this song.. It’s one of the few songs who made it to the radio that didn’t/doesn’t have a standard cord progression (3 or 4 cords) I LOVE it!! Thanks Chris Black Hole Sun!

Full Videoclick here , clean mp3 click here

Track List :
1. Doesn’t remind me
2. Like A Stone
3. Wide awake
4. Fell on black days
5. Be yourself
6. Billie Jean (!)
7. Original fire
8. Redemption song
9. All night thing  Peace Love & Understanding
10. Black hole sun
11. Call me a dog
12. Thank you

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