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Avril Lavigne – Live at Roxy

Avril Lavigne – Live at Roxy Theatre 2007 – Full concert HD

Good Live acoustic but not trying to bash her, this performance was fine. It’s just…it really shows on complicated her full voice range is meh. She’s struggling with the F (3rd fret on the D string) and just letting her pitch fall out and struggling with the D (10th fret on the high e) which means her range sounds like maybe G to D. Thats only an octave and a fifth. most singers in a band have at least 2 octaves. Idk I was just thinking since she’s a vocalist, it’d be a wider range that’s all.

Please Check List Track here :

Sk8er Boi 0:04 – Girlfriend 3:33 – My Happy Ending 7:41 – Innocence 12:20 – Don’t Tell Me 16:12 – Tomorrow 19:53 – Hot 23:31 – Losing Grip 27:02 – Complicated 30:36 – Adia 35:07 – Nobody’s Home 39:34 – Knocking On Heavens Door 43:18 – Keep Holding On 46:01

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